What customers do

ATOS is used in development, quality control and production to reduce time and costs. Application areas include 3D inspection, reverse engineering and rapid manufacturing.

3D Inspection
Precise 3D coordinate measurement for shape and dimension analysis, GD&T, statistical process control (SPC). [more …]
Reverse Engineering
Using ATOS data for scan-based CAD modelling, surfacing and simulations. [more …]
Rapid Manufacturing
High resolution polygon meshes (STL) for 3D printing, milling, additive production and dimensional verification. [more …]

Where ATOS is used

ATOS is used in the automotive, aviation, aerospace and consumer goods industries, their suppliers as well as research institutions and universities.

Casting & Forging
ATOS Core shortens the measuring and inspection times in sand, pressure and precision casting as well as in the forging industry. [more …]
Injection Molding
ATOS Core accelerates nearly all areas of injection, thermoplastic, and blow molding process chains. [more …]
ATOS Core helps manufacturers and suppliers of turbine blades create components ready for series production. [more …]
Tool & Mold making
Based on the full-surface measurement data of ATOS, tool corrections can be implemented quickly and reliably. [more …]
ATOS is employed for the quick and precise scanning of model geometries. The measurement data form the basis for reverse engineering. [more …]
Sheet Metal
ATOS is an established tool for the measurement and inspection of sheet metal. [more …]

How it works

ATOS is an optical 3D scanner based on fringe projection, delivering accurate and traceable 3D coordinates.

3D Scanning
ATOS Core generates 3D measurement data in the form of a 3D mesh (STL). This data is available immediately after measurement for follow-on processes. [more …]
Stereo Camera with Triple Scan
ATOS Core combines its two cameras with the projector to capture three views of an object in a single scan. [more …]
All ATOS Systems are tested and certified according to national and international guidelines. [more …]


Upgrades are possible if requirements or measuring tasks change.

ATOS Scanner
ATOS Core can also be used as an additional measuring volume for ATOS Triple Scan or ATOS Compact Scan. [more …]
ATOS ScanBox
The complete measuring and inspection processes for the in-process quality assurance can be automated in the ATOS ScanBox. [more …]
GOM Inspect Professional provides processing and evaluation functions for 3D measurement data from GOM systems as well as laser scanners, CMMs, and other sources. [more …]

Who we are

GOM develops and produces precise 3D measurement solutions with a global support and sales network.

GOM's measurement solutions are established in over 14000 installations worldwide. [more …]
Worldwide Support
GOM's global network assists customers in implementing 3D measuring technology. [more …]
Optical metrology solutions
GOM's measuring systems are used in product development and quality assurance, material and component testing. [more …]